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January 1, 2007

ATI – New RS600 Card Revealed!

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ATI, or should we say AMD since they bought ATI, has taken its time releasing their DX10 NextGen card. Nvidia beat them to market with their 8800GTX (G80)¬†high end DirectX10 Graphics Card which simply blew everything currently on the market away. Nvidia’s hardware posted unbelievable benchmarks and sported 768MB of onboard memory. The card has had its fair share of problems though, and the jury is out on whether these are simply Driver based, or whether they relate to problems with the hardware.

Enter ATI. Many observers noted that no one should dive into the DX10 waters just yet before seeing what ATI was going to bring to the party. They were right. Early benchmarks of a Release To Manufacturing version of the ATI DX10 Card have been ‘leaked’, and the test results are astonishing. For regular use we can expect a mere 5% improvement over Nvidia’s 8800GTX, but for gaming ATI trumps the 8800GTX by showing as much as a 20% gain in real-world performance!

Nvidia is known for first optimising their drivers for benchmarks such as 3DMark2006, and on these the performance difference between the ATI Card and Nvidia was just about 5.5%. But when tested with real world games, the ATI surged ahead.

Doom 3- ATI 156fps, Nvidia 127 fps.
Fear – ATI 88.2, Nvidia 75.9
Oblivion – ATI 26.0,Nvidia 19.5



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