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January 2, 2007

PC Games – Xpand Rally Xtreme StarForced.

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Xpand Rally Extreme may be a great game, but we’ll never know.

Unfortunately, Xpand Rally has stuck with the draconian copy protection mechanism known as StarForce. StarForce has been cited on security watch sites as enabling security vulnerabilities (up to August 2006, supposedly fixed in later versions), it has been blamed for everything from system slowdowns to non- functioning DVD Drives and it has been found by some analysis to be no more secure than any other copy protection method, with several StarForce games being cracked.

It has appeared in most major gaming magazines such as PC Gamer and Computer Gaming World and always in a very non-flattering light. Because of consumer backlash major publishers such as UBISOFT have stopped using it on their games, and several others have turned to different protection systems such as Securom and Tages as alternatives to StarForce.



Xbox360- Plug Your Mouse And Keyboard Into Your 360!

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xcm-xfps.JPGPC Gamers have long lamented that the imprecise gamepad controls makes First Person Shooters a great chore to play on consoles. Developers have recognised that the little thumbsticks aren’t the best at lining up a shot and usually program ‘soft lock’ zones where your targeting cursor ‘sticks’ to the target once you move it close to the edges of the target. This helps you keep aim on an enemy as you move around. Some games simply have an Auto Target Lock feature where you can cycle between targets and all your bullets will go toward the target you have locked up.

Still, despite these nods to usability of the traditional game controller, nothing can beat the precision of a mouse for aiming. Well, nothing that is until the Wii Motion Sensing Remotes came along. That is definitely the most precise method of aiming: point and shoot. Nothing like that exists on any other console though, so we fall back to the tried and true PC mouse.

Attempts have been made in the past to connect a mouse and keyboard to the Xbox, but the hardware wasn’t good enough to adjust sensitivity etc. and actually made some games more difficult or controls sluggish. Now, however, we apparently have a viable option!


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