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January 10, 2007

Apple- iPhone Contains No Smartphone Features.

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Word from the CES floor is that the iPhone is not, and has no plans to be, part of the ‘Smartphone’ market, although the interface and featureset seem perfect for that. Apple has no Microsoft Office integration applications, so you can’t view or edit your Word or Excel files, view PDFs etc. on the phone. The phone is also First Party Software only. That means that although it uses OSX, Apple is not providing a platform for third party vendors to write applications for the iPhone. Anything you get will either come straight from Apple, or you won’t have it.
This is a bit of a disappointment for those who were anticipating a slew of new OS X based apps for the phone, however this is in keeping with Apple’s general proprietary stance to its products. Roadwarriors hoping to integrate this phone into their business day will have to look elsewhere.


Apple – The new iPhone!

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dsc_0182.jpgApple’s done it again. The iPhone is a revolutionary device that seems to successfully merge the ever popular iPod with voice communications, email and internet browsing, data synchronisation, wireless connections,and a camera¬†all in an utterly sexy package. The phone is gorgeous both in it’s sexy but minimalist form factor and its innovative integration of technologies.

The iPhone is about 4.5 inches tall and a svelte .46 or 11mm thick. Yes, that’s Razr territory, thin may be an understatement.The OSX based phone is full of features, but the one which will provide the greatest WOW factor is the MultiTouch screen interface, read on to find out why!


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