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January 13, 2007

PC Gaming – ASUS External Laptop Graphics Solution: The XG Station

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asus-xg-station.jpgWell, who’d have thunk it! ASUS has revealed a neat external graphics solution which they have dubbed the XG Station. Some of us use laptops as Desktop Replacements, either using them at work and occasionally taking them on a business trip, or transporting them between the office and home to be used at a desk. Docking Stations were invented for such users, but ASUS has introduced the first Docking Station with the ability to house a fully functional PCIe x16 graphics card. The station also includes Dolby Surround sound outputs and USB 2.0 ports allowing you to connect your mouse and keyboard to the station for a ‘plug and play’ Laptop Gaming solution.

The XG ships with an Nvidia 7900GS card, but it can accomodate an Nvidia 8800GTS (The GTX is too large) if you so desire! The entire contraption apparently plugs into a  laptop’s Express CARD port after which Windows recognises the graphics card as being installed in the machine. There was as asus-xg-station-connections.jpgmuch as a 9 times increase in game performance over a standard Intel integrated graphics chip.

It may be feasible for some who want a business laptop on the road, but a gaming machine at home, to purchase a laptop with a cheaper integrated graphics solution and dock with the XG at home. When you are at home, or with the XG, you can game to your heart’s delight on your laptop. When you travel and battery life is more important than playing games you can use your low-power integrated graphics chip with great battery life.

Now you can turn just about any laptop into a gaming powerhouse (but let’s not forget the CPU 😉 ) 


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