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January 21, 2007

PC Games – Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

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I got this game way back when it was first released, and I never finished it. To say the game was difficult would be an understatement. The developers created one version of the game for the Xbox360 which was much better received than its PC cousin. You see, GRIN (the developers) decided that the PC Gaming fans of Ghost Recon were an anal bunch and thus made the game extremely difficult, while simultaneously leaving out much of the usability features found in the Xbox360 version. GRAW on the PC suffers from the ‘checkpoint’ save system, which means that you must play to a pre-determined point of the game before it saves. In GRAW you can also no longer take control of your squad mates leaving you to the mercy of the friendly AI, which of course doesn’t do a good job leaving you to do much of the work yourself.

So, no manual save point feature , bad AI and a very difficult game = No Joy for this IslandGamer. So the game languished in the box gathering dust. This morning I was a bit bored, so I decided to scan that long list of games which I’ve never finished and came across GRAW. On a whim I decided to check if there had been any Trainers or cheats released for the PC version (at the time of launch, actually one month or so into launch there were no single player cheats available) and lo and behold, there was a trainer. This allowed you to get unlimited ammo and health. Now the game is still difficult, but considering you need to go Rambo a few times in each mission in order to complete (or restart and replay 10 times, your choice) the unlimited ammo feature is a great help. Of course, this is anathema to the aforementioned gamers who believe that the constant dying and replaying puts hair on their chest and is ‘Realistic’ ;). To each his/her own!

Now this doesn’t minimise the short comings of the PC version of GRAW, but it does make them a bit more bearable. There are also Modding tools available that allow you to unpack the game files and edit the individual .xml files for the game. This means that there are now quite a few mods out there including some additonal Co-Op missions, edited single player missions etc. In short, with a bit of work you can modify the PC game to be just what you want it, and after all isn’t that one of the big benefits of gaming on the PC? 🙂


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