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January 27, 2007

BluRay Cracked!

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In what seems to be a confirmed story at this point, BluRay’s copyprotection has also been cracked using similar methods as the previous HD-DVD crack. Crackers muslix64 and anti-DRM advocate Janvitos¬† broke the AACS wide open to enforce Fair Use to the consumer.

This means it’s now quite possible to backup those HD-DVD movies. Don’t get too excited about being able to download HD-DVD or BluRay hi-def content online though, the ripped files clock in at over 19GB in some cases.

Check out an interview with these guys here


Sony PS3- Selling for more than US$800 in the UK!

Filed under: Sony PS3 — Ramajay @ 9:32 pm

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…repeatedly! UK reporter Jack Schofield thinks that Sony’s next gen console should be renamed the “PayStation” as it clocks in at an exorbitant US$834 (¬£425) in Britain.

Sony is currently facing an estimated 313,000 PS3 Units that are languishing in stock and on store shelves throughout the US representing a possible US$300,000,000.00 expenditure by Sony. All this while the graphically inferior Nintendo Wii is flying off the shelves!

Sony is probably hoping for BluRay to take off and rescue the flagging sales of the PS3, but perhaps they should bank on delivering some compelling games to customers instead.

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