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May 1, 2007

PC- Dell XPS 710 H2C Computer

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I just got my new Dell XPS 710 H2C machine. Those hardcore enthusiasts out there, stop snickering šŸ˜‰ . The Dell XPS H2C series boasts an overclocked QX6700 processor running at 3.2Ghz. The dual Phase H2C cooling system is responsible for keeping the processor from catching on fire inside the case, and is an advanced system that combines your normal water cooling with a nifty phase changeĀ stage that further keeps things chilled, and quiet. The machine was configured with 4GB of Ram , for future proofing, and a pair of 8800GTX cards running in SLI. Two Raptor 150s are running in a RAID 0 configuration as well to give disk access a little extra boost. Out the box, with no optimisations and whatever drivers the system came with, the Dell hit 15,500 3DMarks in 3D Mark 2006. It handled Oblivion at 1920×1200 resolution at Ultra High detail level with no problem, holding a rock steady 60fps while running through Cruicble city in The Shivering Isles expansion. So why go with Dell instead of a company such as Velocity Micro, Voodoo PC or Vicious PC? Simple: Support. Dell has support centers throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. If anything goes wrong, the system is under a 3 year warranty and a Dell technician will come to the house to fix it. That was a big consideration since I’ve learnt that things do go wrong with even the most high-end systems, and without warranty support you end up spending quite a bit of cash fixing things, replacing mysteriously broken DVD RWs etc. Thus far, the system rocks. All the titles I have tried so far are very smooth, as smooth or smoother than playing the same titles on the Xbox 360 (Rainbow 6 Vegas anyone?) with higher resolution as well. I’ll post more information the more I tinker with the system.

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