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May 3, 2007

PC Games – Splinter Cell : Conviction info released lol!

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I just found this quite amusing. Evil Avatar reports that some tid bits about Splinter Cell : Conviction, the next game in the Splinter Cell series, have been released. You remember the last Splinter Cell don’t you? The bug ridden and utterly horrid Splinter Cell:Double Agent? The game had issues even on the consoles, and was an utter mess of scrambled graphics, bad performance and gameplay bugs on the PC. UBISOFT also made a decision not to support the game further and never released any fixes to solve the problems that the majority of gamers experienced with the title on the PC.

So now Sam Fisher’s being ‘Convicted’…how fitting!

Apparently in this new version Sam is pulled back into that ultra secretive secret organisation known as Third Echelon to protect the body behind the pretty voice that feeds him Intel. But Third Echelon has gone Third World and now gives him bad intelligence, incorrect equipment drops and apparently generally mismanages things.

Hurrah! Now the frustration is going to be actually built into the gameplay itself!

*chuckle* ^_^

Check the link for more info.


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