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June 4, 2007

Xbox 360 – Forza Motorsports 2 Released!

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That should be all we need to say on the matter, but I’ll expound a bit. Forza 2 is the racing title that most driving aficionados have been waiting anxiously for on the Xbox360. Everything that has come in-between has been just filler for the driving simulation which many have hailed as the most realistic and fun racing title created thus far. Forza 2 developers expressed a desire to put as much accuracy and realism as possible into the title, but wherever realism would impact on fun, fun wins. A fine example of this is the fact that you don’t have to pay out your nose to repair car damage between races and in online races damage is automatically repaired. Accurate? Considering the cost of car repairs probably not, but does it add to the fun: most certainly. After all, the game is about driving to the limits of your car’s performance against engaging AI or Real Life opponents, not about balancing your chequebook!

Forza 2 carries on the tradition of Forza providing an evolutionary upgrade to that solid racing foundation. Gameplay is more accessible and online multiplayer options are more robust and varied. Cars can be bought and sold via the Forza Motorsports website.There are automatic Tournaments and special tournaments that will be run on a regular basis.

Driving is, of course, excellent. The physics have been improved in Forza 2 and the cars feel incredible tearing around corners on the track. The game’s physics provide a true driving difference between each and every car in the game that the player will actually notice.

The usual driving assists are there as well as a new Suggested Line feature that only displays the suggested line on the corners.

Forza 2 now has an average review score of about 89% over at GameRankings where you can access several reviews from top gaming sites to make your own decision.

I strongly recommend Forza 2 as a Must Buy for any racing fan regardless of what platform you’re accustomed to. Gamers who are into racing, Forza 2 is a reason to buy an Xbox360.

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