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June 20, 2007

Vista – Microsoft Alters Vista After Google Complaint

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Most readers would know that we jumped off the Vista bandwagon early on after experiencing driver issues and general instability with our typical computer use and devices such as mobile phones. Now don’t construe that as an indictment against the OS, it just didn’t fit our needs at the time.

One feature of Vista which we appreciated,though, was the integrated Search feature which allowed us to pull up files, emails, documents virtually any data store when searching for information. This feature was placed very neatly in the Windows Start Menu and we found it worked great.

Enter Google. Google also promotes an integrated search, Google Search, which syncs with Outlook and various web browsers. Apparently, when Google Search was installed on Vista machines, the machines slowed to a crawl since the processors (or processor, not everyone has dual core yet do they? 😉 ) had to handle the indexing routines of both the internal Vista search AND Google Search as well. I never encountered this particular problem with Vista, since I never thought to install Google Search given that I was satisfied with what was included with Vista. Apparently, though, Google had a big problem with this and filed a complaint!

Microsoft has now agreed as part of the settlement of this complaint to alter how Vista handles Indexing and to provide choices for the Search feature between the provided Vista search, Google Search, or some other Search provider.

Of course I haven’t seen the reason why a user could not simply disable the integrated Windows Search, I would assume that indexing etc. could be switched off just as it can be in Windows XP.

At any rate, Microsoft felt that it should make alterations rather than risk angering the States or the US DOJ!

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