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February 22, 2007

Apple- Apple and Cisco make nice, iPhone is a go.

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Apple and Cisco have come to a settlement over the iPhone Trademark. Cisco agreed to allow Apple to use the iPhone moniker in exchange for pursuing wide ranging interoperability between their products. Does this mean that Cisco will be the one and only 3rd Party developer for the iPhone? We’ll have to wait and see what the babble-speak means after the iPhone launches later this year 🙂

The companies said Apple will be allowed to use the name for its sleek new multimedia device in exchange for exploring wide-ranging “interoperability” between the companies’ products in the areas of security, consumer and business communications.

Check the rest of this short blurb over on MSNBC


February 10, 2007

Virtualisation Technology – DX8.1 3D Gaming arrives under Mac OS X.

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Virtualisation – With Virtualisation technology, the ability to run one Operating System within another, will it matter which platform we use? Linux? Windows? Mac? If someone running Linux has access to the full capabilities of Windows, and vice versa what will dictate our consumer purchases in the future?

For some it would boil down to cost, reliability, security, performance and productivity. An organisation may choose the Mac for the promise of stability and reliability of OSX in daily work while maintain ing application accessibility via Windows.

Being an enthusiast, I can see myself having all four: Windows Vista, Windows XP,Linux and Mac OS on my machine, and switch between them as necessary depending on whichever is best for the task at hand. (Yes, I mentioned Vista and XP as a dual OS choice, Vista doesn’t replace XP at this point, it’s like a completely different system until I can get all my printers, scanners,joysticks, tuner cards and software to work on it).

Parallels on the Mac has promised full DirectX 3D Acceleration support for Windows games running within Mac OSx. VMWare has beat them to it, as this video shows.Apparently there is a ‘secret’ switch in VMWare to allow DirectX 8.1 acceleration (The games of 2001 and before). They claim that they will soon support Direct X9, which opens up titles such as Oblivion, Supreme Commander, Crysis,FEAR,Neverwinter Nights 2,Lock On Modern Air Combat etc.

Keep in mind as well that both Intel and AMD are producing processors that have built in support for Virtualisation Technology. The future of computing should be quite interesting, with the consumer having far more choice and control over their computing environment.

February 8, 2007

Apple – Macs try to actually become Media-centric and ‘fun’.

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tg_logo.gifApple seems to actually be justifying it’s marketing campaign that Macs are fun machines. I’ve always wondered how the heck the macintosh could be considered a Fun home system when there were hardly any games on it,and the entire game market resided with PCs. Transgaming is partnering with Nvidia to develop technology which would allow PC Games to be quickly ported to run on Apple Macintoshs nearly immediately after they are released for PCs. They are relying on the fact that all the , shall we dare say it, Next Gen PC games are going to be utilising Shaders, which apparently can be abstracted for Mac OSX graphics drivers. Shaders are Shaders, it seems.screen_cider01_thumb.jpg

It’s a fact though, that the fastest and most expensive Macs usually have graphics cards that are below the fastest cards available on the PC. Emulation, an abstraction layer or any other mechanism of conversion usually incurs a performance cost. So couple the performance hit for emulation/abstraction/other with the slower graphics cards and the PC should still be the performance champion for gaming always.

We will have to wait and see how, or if, the technology matures and get some real world results to form a proper opinion about Gaming For Macs 😉 .

Transgaming’s Press Release

February 6, 2007

Apple- Steve Jobs calling for end to DRM

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In what could be a thinly veiled threat to the Recording Companies, Steve Jobs is calling for an end to DRM in the Music Industry.

iTunes, Apple’s online music store, prevents music downloaded via that service from operating on anything but Apple Ipods, which has nothing to do with the Music Industry’s requirement for DRM.So Apple itself is a major offender with regard to DRM and uses the technology to maintain it’s market dominance of the portable music player sector.

The European Union is pressuring Apple to make their iTunes music compatible with other players, no doubt citing monopolistic practices of locking out other players and preventing customers from having Fair Use of the music they purchase. In the usual defense theory for cases such as this, Apple is stating that if it is forced to license its iTunes music downloads to other players (such as Microsoft’s Zune) then it cannot guarantee that the music will be in any protected to the extent that Record Labels demand.

Considering that the iTunes online store is the world’s largest Digital Music store, Jobs seems to be telling Recording Companies to support Apple against demands made by Europe or else their music will be up for grabs!

Of course his posturing is having the desired effect of whipping up sentiment against the Recording Companies to stop DRM altogether in their music, something which they can’t be too happy about.

As per usual, both sides will most probably come to some settlement involving several billion dollars rolling around the top 2% of the world and leaving the humble consumer out in the cold!

Reuters Article

January 31, 2007

PC- I’m a Mac, I’m a PC from the PC perspective.

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These ads are quite amusing, playing on the notion that the Mac is just a multimedia machine whilst the PC is loaded with applications for serious work ^_^

Of course, the guy with the bucks always gets the hot girl. So work away PC ^_^

January 11, 2007

Apple- Cisco sues Apple Over iPhone Trademark

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“Cisco today announced that it has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California against Apple, Inc., seeking to prevent Apple from infringing upon and deliberately copying and using Cisco’s registered iPhone trademark.” 

The iPhone hasn’t even been released to the public yet, and already there is a lawsuit over it. Cisco has been using the iPhone trademark for the last 11 years, and apparently Apple has approached them on several occasions about the trademark for the name. Cisco announced that they were at a substantive point of talks with Apple and expected an agreement soon. It seems Apple had other ideas, and the deal’s off!

Cisco didn’t want money either, what they wanted was perhaps the one thing that Apple was not prepared to give up which was the stringent restrictions over third party development for and interoperability of the phone.  As stated before on this blog, the iPhone is not going to be open to third party development. Cisco thrives on creating hardware and services that interact with a variety of third party devices and which in fact enable communication. Apple, on the other hand, built its brand and empire around sole control of every aspect of Hardware and in some cases software. As we all know only Apple successfully sells the Macintosh computer ,OSX doesn’t work (officially) on anything but a Mac, and iTunes uses DRM to lock your music into Apple approved hardware. Enabling third party implementations and interoperability is not something Apple has built its business around.

So it would seem that both Cisco and Apple have diametrically opposed goals in this issue, and Cisco with their 11 year history with the iPhone trademark would seem to have the upperhand in any court battle.

Story Link

January 10, 2007

Apple- iPhone Contains No Smartphone Features.

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Word from the CES floor is that the iPhone is not, and has no plans to be, part of the ‘Smartphone’ market, although the interface and featureset seem perfect for that. Apple has no Microsoft Office integration applications, so you can’t view or edit your Word or Excel files, view PDFs etc. on the phone. The phone is also First Party Software only. That means that although it uses OSX, Apple is not providing a platform for third party vendors to write applications for the iPhone. Anything you get will either come straight from Apple, or you won’t have it.
This is a bit of a disappointment for those who were anticipating a slew of new OS X based apps for the phone, however this is in keeping with Apple’s general proprietary stance to its products. Roadwarriors hoping to integrate this phone into their business day will have to look elsewhere.

Apple – The new iPhone!

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dsc_0182.jpgApple’s done it again. The iPhone is a revolutionary device that seems to successfully merge the ever popular iPod with voice communications, email and internet browsing, data synchronisation, wireless connections,and a camera all in an utterly sexy package. The phone is gorgeous both in it’s sexy but minimalist form factor and its innovative integration of technologies.

The iPhone is about 4.5 inches tall and a svelte .46 or 11mm thick. Yes, that’s Razr territory, thin may be an understatement.The OSX based phone is full of features, but the one which will provide the greatest WOW factor is the MultiTouch screen interface, read on to find out why!


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