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March 7, 2007

Vista-All Video and Audio codecs in one package!

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Shark007 over at MSFN forums has posted a comprehensive package containing just about all the different codecs you will ever need for watching video or listening to audio on your PC. Every Media Player, whether Microsoft Media Player or DivX Player uses Codecs to Decode video files so that you can view them on your computer. There are several instances where you may download a video file and because you lack the proper codec, or the proper version of a codec you are not able to view the file, or hear the audio. This can be quite frustrating, and hunting for these codecs isn’t a fun part of anyone’s day.

This package groups just about all the standard codecs out there into one easy to install package which will support all Media Players. The creators also made some default adjustments to most of the players so that they perform at optimum quality on most systems.

Check out the MSFN forum post for links to MajorGeeks, SoftPedia and other download sites that are carrying the installation package. It is also available for Vista 64 Bit.
The package will also work with Windows XP! 🙂


February 22, 2007

HDTV- High Def formats cracked

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Blu-Ray and HD-DVD copy protection has apparently been totally cracked, all the titles released thus far at any rate. The general processing key was uncovered by hackers at the Doom9 forums and allows for the full decryption of all movies released thus far. Both standards were made with the ability to revoke processing keys in the future both in software players and in hardware,but the finding proves that vulnerabilities do exist and it doesn’t take the enterprising hacker community that long to find them. When the millions spent developing and promoting this copy protection is weighed against the nebulous ‘piracy losses’ when will companies see that it just isn’t worth it?

Of course, very few people will want to sit through the 16Gb to 20GB downloads that an entire High Def movie will take, but that’s not the point is it 😉 .

During an interview, the hacker responsible who goes by the name of muslix64 said:

I'm just an upset customer. My efforts can be called "fair use enforcement"!

I wonder if anyone will even remember when we had Fair Use rights as consumers in a few years, and how many of those understand what it means.

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