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March 7, 2007

ATI – Another external graphics solution called LASSO!

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lasso.jpgIt seems that external graphics solutions are set to become all the rage later this year. ATI has answered ASUS’ XG Station with Lasso! They have demonstrated an ATI 1950 graphics card running outside a system and connected via PCI Express Cable to the mainboard powering the graphics of a PC. Their Lasso system is different from the ASUS XG Station in that it is not aimed primarily at video graphics, but is also meant to support GPGPU (General Purpose GPU) Processing which has already been shown to have tremendous utility in the realm of scientific calculations.

The idea behind this is to allow the user to connect one, or more external Graphics Cards to their PC to perform either full graphics processing (the most obvious implementation for gamers) or to use additional graphics cards to provide processing power for applications that support this method. You may recall that ATI and NVIDIA both planned to introduce a software API for game developers to allow them to use a second or third graphics card as a Physics Processor to provide advanced physics in games.

LASSO relies on the latest PCI-SIG spec for Cabled PCI. This ties into the fast PCI Express Bus to allow external devices direct, fast input/output access to the system. Cabled PCI is a lot faster than either USB or Firewire, and tops out at about 80GB/s , just enough for High Resolution HDTV broadcasts. You can tie cables together to increase bandwidth as well, and can go as high as the full PCI-16X (80GB/s) spec outside your computer.


The Chart to the left shows where PCI Bandwidth taps out and the variety of services that it can accommodate based solely on its bandwidth capacity.

This opens the way for smaller, modular desktop systems where the desktop case form factor is no longer an impediment to near infinite upgrade paths. Clever design can lead to stackable form factors where your Desktop is a little cube, and you can stack additional ‘cubes’ to provide Graphics, Sound, or additional Processing Power.

One issue I can think of would be all the additional cords that would clutter your desk. Each cube will need to be connected by two cords, one for power and the other for the CablePCI cable. So if you have three of these then you now have six additional cords cluttering your computer area.

The technology opens a new paradigm for how we view our Computer systems and how system manufacturers approach Upgradeability and Value Add services. Are you ever going to purchase a Dell system with dual graphics cards when you can get a small form factor system and then purchase an SLI ‘cube’ at retail afterward perhaps at a cheaper cost? Think the iMac except you’re not plugging in an external DVD reader but instead you plug in a graphics card solution that will give you 150fps in Oblivion 🙂


Vista-All Video and Audio codecs in one package!

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Shark007 over at MSFN forums has posted a comprehensive package containing just about all the different codecs you will ever need for watching video or listening to audio on your PC. Every Media Player, whether Microsoft Media Player or DivX Player uses Codecs to Decode video files so that you can view them on your computer. There are several instances where you may download a video file and because you lack the proper codec, or the proper version of a codec you are not able to view the file, or hear the audio. This can be quite frustrating, and hunting for these codecs isn’t a fun part of anyone’s day.

This package groups just about all the standard codecs out there into one easy to install package which will support all Media Players. The creators also made some default adjustments to most of the players so that they perform at optimum quality on most systems.

Check out the MSFN forum post for links to MajorGeeks, SoftPedia and other download sites that are carrying the installation package. It is also available for Vista 64 Bit.
The package will also work with Windows XP! 🙂

February 22, 2007

HDTV- High Def formats cracked

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Blu-Ray and HD-DVD copy protection has apparently been totally cracked, all the titles released thus far at any rate. The general processing key was uncovered by hackers at the Doom9 forums and allows for the full decryption of all movies released thus far. Both standards were made with the ability to revoke processing keys in the future both in software players and in hardware,but the finding proves that vulnerabilities do exist and it doesn’t take the enterprising hacker community that long to find them. When the millions spent developing and promoting this copy protection is weighed against the nebulous ‘piracy losses’ when will companies see that it just isn’t worth it?

Of course, very few people will want to sit through the 16Gb to 20GB downloads that an entire High Def movie will take, but that’s not the point is it 😉 .

During an interview, the hacker responsible who goes by the name of muslix64 said:

I'm just an upset customer. My efforts can be called "fair use enforcement"!

I wonder if anyone will even remember when we had Fair Use rights as consumers in a few years, and how many of those understand what it means.

January 31, 2007

HDTV – Jessica Alba, a 480p vs 1080p comparison

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Oh horror of horrors! I have seen Jessica Alba in 1080p and…and…


her face has PORES!!


Like Normal people!?

And…and…I see a very small pimple on the side of her chin!

And the makeup job wasn’t 100% perfect either!!


*sound of fantasies shattering like musical crystal shards to the floor*

She’s Human! They’re all …just…Human!

Damn you 1080p level of Detail ! Damn you !

(hold the mouse over the image for a while until the new one loads to see the same shot in 1080p resolution)

January 27, 2007

BluRay Cracked!

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In what seems to be a confirmed story at this point, BluRay’s copyprotection has also been cracked using similar methods as the previous HD-DVD crack. Crackers muslix64 and anti-DRM advocate Janvitos  broke the AACS wide open to enforce Fair Use to the consumer.

This means it’s now quite possible to backup those HD-DVD movies. Don’t get too excited about being able to download HD-DVD or BluRay hi-def content online though, the ripped files clock in at over 19GB in some cases.

Check out an interview with these guys here

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