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January 31, 2007

Vista – Linux GParted Live CD For Partitioning Hard Disks,Dual Booting Vista and XP.

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gnome-64.pngLinux to the rescue!

Those of you taking our advice and Dual Booting Vista may run into the issue of having to create a new partition on your hard disk for Vista. There are programs available, such as Partition Magic which will allow you to create a new partition on your hard disk, at a price (about US$43.00). Gnome Partition Editor (GParted) though, will do it for free. This Linux based program provides a neat graphical frontend for GNU Parted, which in true Linux tradition is a horridly un-userfriendly command line program for partitioning hard disks. Just go ahead and download the disk image and burn it to a CD with ISO Recorder (also free! Free!!! Freee! Wheeee!!). Boot off the CD and you will be in a wonderful environment known as Linux, with the single purpose of managing hard disk partitions. Unfortunately (again in true Linux tradition) the creators of GParted failed to include the help files in the package. Come on guys, after going so far as to create a nice graphical interface, do you still have to thumb your nose at the average user and not provide the help files? *grin*. One day…one fine day Linux will properly enter the world of “User Friendly,Standardised Interfaces” of Mac OSX and Windows. Or maybe not.

Anyways, using the above two utilities, GParted and ISO Recorder (Nero and Alcohol work fine as well, of course. Nero is installed on many new PCs and comes with a large number of DVD and CD Burners) you can create a new partition, boot into Windows XP and install Vista on that new partition as a Clean Install. Your partition should be about 20 to 30 gigs.

Vista and XP have one little problem working together – XP overwrites Vista system restore points. You can turn on the BitLocker Encryption feature (if you bought a version of Vista with this feature) in Vista so that XP can’t overwrite those folders, or you can use TweakUI or BING to hide the Vista Parition from XP to get around this.


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