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December 25, 2006

Nokia – 8801 Experience

Filed under: Nokia — Ramajay @ 9:47 am

8801-center-top-zoom.jpgSo, Santa brought someone a sexy 8801 cell phone for christmas. The phone just screams luxury, from the all black box with the steel clip around it, to the soft velvet case and the all black, matte documentation Nokia went all out to let you know that this ain’t no ordinary cell phone.

The 8801 flicks upward at a gentle push of the upper portion of the phone to reveal the keypad. Lovely shiny black keys ensure that you will never be at a loss for what you are pressing..they feel great. Very tactile and easy to access with the usual one – handed – thumb method that most people use to operate their phones.

The phone’s finish is what grabs you…and the weight! The panels are stainless steel, so the phone has some heft to it. The steel panels fit together like the joins of a Lexus, given a precise feel and adding to the phone’s elegance. The shiny steel really makes it standout in a crowd! Fingerprints look like they will be an issue, but what’s a wipe now and again when you have something this cool!



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