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December 24, 2006

Nvidia i680 problems

Filed under: Nvidia Motherboards — Ramajay @ 9:32 pm

Well, there seems to be problems with Nvidia’s latest motherboard, the i680 chipset.

“We have been holding off a week or so on addressing this in hopes that we would have some solutions or answers for you, but those have not come forth. Some of the nForce 680i motherboards have some serious storage issues that can render a system build useless. Not all nForce 680i boards exhibit this problem. The problem does not seem to be confined to certain system configurations as some motherboards will work with a specific configuration while others will not. The problem also seems to spread across all 680i motherboards regardless of brand judging from feedback across Internet forums. “

While problems like these may not be restricted only to Nvidia, they do seem to have a bit more trouble than most hardware manufacturers when it comes to buggy first version releases to the consumer. Problems with this expensive motherboard range from performance, sound  and system lockups and BSODs. There are rumors that there is an actual problem with the chipset hardware that may not be solvable by software/firmware upgrades alone. What fun for people that bought this!


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